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Parks and Recreation

White River Township boasts many miles of beautiful white sandy beaches along the entire western border. There are three public beaches available.

At the northern end of White River Township is Meinert County Park with camping at The Pines Campground. The park is located at the very end of Meinert Rd. For more information visit www.muskegoncountyparks.org/meinertpark.

At the south end of White River Township is Medbery Park. The city of Montague owns 600 ft of Lake Michigan shoreline immediately N. of the White Lake Channel. There are 50 parking spaces and vault restrooms with handicap accessibility. The park is open all year from 6 am to 11pm. For more information visit cityofmontague.org/medberypark.html.

Not more than a mile north of Medbery Park lies the pristine White River Township Barrier Dunes Sanctuary. It is located off Old Channel Trail at the end of Ferry St. The township is currently in the process of purchasing 204 more feet of shoreline which would enlarge the Barrier Dunes Sanctuary to 1,204 ft. of shoreline. Behind the dunes lies Pierson creek which flows into White Lake.
There is a public boat launch at the end of Lau Rd where Pierson Creek meets White Lake. The launch will accommodate 16 ft. boats with one axle trailers only. There are 8 parking places for cars with trailers and 3 spaces for cars.  Tennis courts are available for use year round. The tennis courts are located .3 of a mile off Old Channel Trail at the corner of Indian Bay Rd. and Sunset Lane.

White River Township is also currently working with the City of Montague, Montague Township and OXY Chemical to extend the Medbery Bike Trail which currently ends at Whitbeck Rd. where the city and township of Montague meet.

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